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Ways to Overcome the 5 Common Fitness Enemies



Everyone wants to stay fit. Staying fit not only makes people look attractive but also makes people feel energetic and be healthy. But the real problem comes when you make the effort to remain fit and external factors start interfering with your goals. Sometimes, it might be due to our own mood and life plans. At other times, it might be other external factors. For example, you might plan to run outside, but its rainy outside. Or you might get stuck with your favourite show on television. You are not left alone. Everyone faces days like this. Even fitness enthusiasts find it difficult at times to get themselves into the active mode.
We are now going to discuss some of the common enemies that makes us stay away from our fitness goal and ways to overcome those enemies and remain fit.


There are many factors around us that make our life stressful throughout. It might be due to a work deadline, sick kids at home, might have had a bad day with your near and dear ones. You might feel that you can’t exercise with all the burdens in your heart. It is quite understandable but exercising at times of stress will only make burst your stress out of your mind.
Spend some time out and go for a brisk walk or do some work out that would make you feel better in times of stress. Exercising helps in reducing stress, depression and anxiety, and at the same time helps to boost the mood. Even if you are tired, a short work out will make you feel better.


Setting an expectation when you start exercising is good. But the expectations should be realistic. Most of the beginners get so frustrated when they don’t see quick results as soon as they start their fitness programme with Live Lean Discount Codes. With only one or two weeks of exercising, no one can develop a six pack nor can they lose huge amount of weight. Unrealistic expectations will lead to unnecessary stress and that will again take a toll on your body.
Always set a realistic goal and have patience while trying to achieve the goal. If you have been living a sedentary life for a decade, you can’t expect to change that overnight. Know your body, have a program and follow it strictly. Then, wait for the body to respond to your effort. With a regular fitness regime in place, you will gradually start seeing the change. Once you remain patient and observe, you will find that you will feel easier to do all the work and can tolerate for a longer time.

Over Training

Some people become over enthusiastic and indulge in daily workouts without proper rest. This will never help to reach their goals and will in fact, obstruct progress. When the body is not allowed the proper time for recovery by constant exercising, overtraining occurs.
It is best to allow a break of a day or two each week from the vigorous work out plan. Schedule the work out plan in such a way that there are rest days and days of alternate hard and easy work outs. Rest days are crucial to fitness training and helps the body to rest and repair.

Expect the Unexpected

There might be days when things don’t go as planned. There might be some extra work at office that might prevent you from spending time at the gym. Or the pool where you went to swim was closed for maintenance. These are normal things that happen to everyone in their everyday life. Rather than getting disheartened, it is important to bounce back.
The ability to bounce back from all the unexpected events in life makes one successful. Practice the habit of eating right, getting adequate sleep and practice regular physical activity. Even if there is a day that is full of unexpected events, do not ditch the work out. Instead, try to modify the plans and keep moving forward in life.

Negative Mindset

The most important thing in life is to remain positive and love one self. Instead of negative self-talks that discourage you to do things, try to remain positive. Being positive boosts your confidence level and motivates you to do more. When you accomplish somethings towards your fitness goal, give yourself a pat on the back. The more positive you are, the more you achieve.


My Real Passion and interest is keeping myself fit. I Believe that it is possible for everyone to remain fit by following the right fitness regime and an ideal diet that suits every individual’s body. That is why, I do not keep my knowledge about fitness only to myself but share it with all the people who want to get benefitted out of it. All the blogs that I write about Health, Fitness and Nutrition are focused to encourage fitness lovers to achieve their goal.

What I Recommend

An individual’s health is not determined by his physical fitness but also by his / her mental fitness. Hence, I always aim at balancing both the physical and mental health, that are equally important for a person’s wellness. I believe a good exercise regimen should trigger the right attitude in people and ensure the overall wellness of the individuals.

What I Love the Most

I Love the time I spend at the Gym and the time I read books to accumulate my knowledge on wellness. I also love eating – eating right. I always feel that whatever a person eats are one of the major factors that determine one’s health. Though, it is quite normal to indulge in desserts occasionally, the food we eat must not affect our health on a long run.